A high quality, versatile, tile based office system that is designed to deliver high levels of productivity. Neo workstations provide employees adequately private individual spaces with modern, customisable aesthetics.?Neo brings together elements of simplicity and functionality to generate a positive and creative workspace. The office space can be configured, as required, to incorporate open or semi- private areas that foster dialogues.
Notable Clients: Oracle, Caterpillar, Aricent, Airbus, Zensar, TCS, Cognizent, Jockey, Xerox LinkedIn, Thomson Reuters, Thomson Reuters, HCL, Toshiba, Salarpuria, Mercedes-Benz, MTS, Delphy, Infosys, Silverspark

Neo 50/70

The basic Neo workstations come with a choice of either 50mm or 70mm partitions. Installation is quick and easy. Neo workstations can also be easily taken apart and reinstalled at a new location, if required.


Neo Height Adjustable

Free standing tables integrated seamlessly with Neo